Value of apartments living in Austin, Texas

There is no doubt about it – tenants are attracted to great amenities and facilities. Ask the average real estate agent or apartment locator and they would agree to this fact. This is why Austin Texas Apartments beat the competition hands down every time. Their facilities are not just top-notch; they are out of the range of what the competition can offer. And this is why they record higher occupancy rates and re-sales than other forms of apartments.

The mistake that real estate developers make in most cases is to design and build apartments that in their thinking are the best for tenants. They do not do so from the point of view nor the desires and expectations of the tenants. This is a very erroneous and costly mistake. The maxim that the customer is king holds true in all situations, even in the real estate market.

Simply by undertaking research and interviews from prospective tenants any builder would have an idea of just how best they can attract tenants using their apartment’s facilities.

The kitchen is one of those amenities. A lot of developers fail to realize that this is the engine room or powerhouse of any apartment. Even the bachelor or spinster of the single mother must eat. And on most weekends they would cherish to eat in rather that eating out. This would mean that they would want to cook. The kitchen must be designed to have an appealing side and possess all the regular amenities like electrical points, cabinets, a sink, a cooking point or plate, and so on.

The bathroom is another of such amenities which attracts tenants to choosing an apartment. And when it comes to these bathrooms, the general rule is that the larger, the better. However, this would only hold true for such apartments that have at least three- or four bedrooms. This is because size and space are in limited supply for the smaller one – and two – bedroom apartments. Where they are available, vanities make a distinction for these bathrooms. Water closets, shower baths, and a bath tub would be appreciated as well.

The availability of elevators is also necessary. These days, tenants do not delight in having to climb a long flight of stairs, especially when they come back from a hard day’s work and are worn out. The best way to appeal to the tenant is to install a functional and big elevator to grant them access to their apartments. In some cases, some developers choose to make available staircases that serve as an alternative in cases where the elevator might be faulty or out of order.

Making a residential complex pet-friendly would have a lot of appeal among tenants. This is true because, in recent times, the number of tenants who choose to move into their apartments with their pets has been observed to have rapidly increased. This means that an estate developer who provides facilities and amenities to cater for tenants pets would stand a better chance of getting higher patronage from such class of tenants.